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Spreader Beam

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Video-Magnet Beam for Plate Handling

heavy duty spreader beam
This spreader beam with five coil grabs can lift one, three or five coils.

Spreader beams and lifting beams are a type of below-the-hook lifting device that lifts loads with single or multiple attachment points. They act as a crosspiece for spacing the hooks or chains that hold loads such as bars, racks, rolls, cylinders, and machinery.

Lifting Beam

Bushman Equipment, Inc. has considerable experience designing and building heavy duty material handling equipment such as lifting beams and spreader beams for use in primary steel mills, steel service centers, pulp and paper mills, power plants and in difficult environments with varied crane layouts.

Bushman Equipment, Inc. spreader and lifting beams are designed for safety, durability and simple operation.

Lifting Beam and Spreader Beam Specifications

All Bushman Equipment, Inc. lifting devices are designed and manufactured in accordance with the latest revision of ASME Spec. B30.20 and BTH-1: Design of Below-the-Hook Lifting Devices.

Configureable Spreader Beam Models

Five basic spreader beam models are available in many different design configurations.

  • Model 439 - A basic spreader beam with safety swivel hooks for use with slings or chains
  • Model 413 - A spreader beam with formed hooks for use with slings
  • Model 415 - A spreader beam with plate hooks to engage a shaft or mandrel, used primarily for handling paper rolls
  • Model 490 - A chlorine cylinder lifting beam. Units are in stock for immediate shipment.

Adjustable Spreader Beams

  • Model 420 - A spreader beam with adjustable hook locations to accommodate different load lengths

Spreader Beam with Fixed Position Swivel Hooks

spreader beam with fixed position swivel hooks

spreader beam with fixed position swivel hooks

Bushman Equipment, Inc.'s most popular and basic spreader beam, the Model 439 has fixed position swivel hooks mounted at the ends of the lifting beam. This type of lifting equipment has a single pick-up point and safety latches on each hook. Available options include:

  • Low headroom designs
  • Multiple and adjustable hook locations
  • Special capacities and lengths 
Spreader Beam with Multiple Attachment Points

spreader beam with adjustable hook locations

The load bearing hooks on this adjustable spreader beam can be moved to multiple locations by lifting the hook support assembly and sliding it to the next location point. The standard load beam includes three lifting centers. More lifting centers are available upon request.

Spreader and Lifting Beam for J-hooks

 lifting beam and spreader beam for use with slings

spreader beams with J-hooks at fixed locations.

spreader beam with formed hooks

This spreader beam lifting device is used primarily in conjunction with slings. The beam is equipped with formed round bar J-hooks at fixed locations. The formed hooks minimize the potential for damage to the sling assemblies. Multiple sling location points are the most common option selected by users of this load beam.

Roll Handling Spreader Beam

spreader beam with fixed J-hooks.

This Bushman Equipment, Inc. lifting beam or spreader beam model features fixed or pivoting plate style J-hooks. This type of lifting beam is used primarily for paper roll handling as well as handling cloth and film rolls. The beam's hooks engage the shaft or mandrel that extends from the roll.

Rotating Spreader and Lifting Beams

motorized rotating spreader beam

motorized rotating load beam
Bushman Equipment, Inc. motorized rotating lifting beams have fully powered rotation with controls that can be integrated into your crane system.

Rotating Lifting Beam Features include:

  • 1 RPM rotation speed
  • Sensors and limit switches for fully automatic operation
  • Manual or electric powered rotation
  • 2-point crane suspension
  • Limited or 360-degree continuous rotation
  • Capacity to 200,000 pounds
  • Fixed or pivoting J-hooks

Telescopic Magnet Beams

motorized telescopic magnet beam

motorized telescopic magnet beam

motorized telescopic magnet spreader beam
Bushman Equipment, Inc. builds motorized telescopic magnet beams with controls to suit your requirements.

  • Individual magnet rotation available if required
  • Capacities available to 100,000 pounds below the magnets
  • Up to 100” telescopic extension at each end
  • Low-headroom style telescopic beams are available

Fixed Length Magnet Beam

fixed length magnet beam
This 20-ton, fixed length magnet beam is attached to a mobile gantry crane and has six magnets. Magnet attachment plates include replaceable hardened bushings.

Plate handling magnet beam
Plate handling magnet beam built for Philadelphia Shipyard

Chlorine Cylinder Lifting Beam

Chlorine Cylinder Grab
This is a chlorine cylinder lifting beam designed for fast, efficient handling of standard chlorine cylinders (80-3/4” to 82-1/4” long per Chlorine Institute). Maximum capacity is two tons (4,000 lb.).

Custom Designed Spreader Beams

Spreader beam design can be customized for specific applications

custom designed spreader beam design
Two-ton Port-A-Bar with adjustable counterbalance custom designed to reach into a seven-foot deep opening for installing or repairing an air conditioning unit.

heavy duty spreader beam lifts large turbine
This 230-ton capacity spreader beam lifts a $21 million dollar turbine. This spreader beam is custom designed to pick up engines with various configurations.


Level-Rite Load Leveling Beam

LevelRite Lift
BeamLevelRite Lift Beam


This load beam can balance or level your load after the lift is made. Controlled by the operator from a hand held pendant or radio control system, this Level-Rite TM beam will reduce handling time by eliminating the need to adjust the load to do a balanced lift. The Level-Rite TM is available on most of our products as an option, making it one of the most versatile lifting devices available. The Level-Rite TM can also be used to tilt a load which may be required for precise placement or assembly operations.

telescopic spreader beams


telescopic magnet beams

below-the-hook spreader beams